We're Champions of Research

Our team of experts is dedicated to bringing KU-developed research expertise and technology to the marketplace to support industry and spur job growth. We serve as advisors and guides, and provide an infrastructure that supports and translates technology. In short, we champion the translation of KU faculty research, offering our expertise and guidance every step of the way.


The mission of KUCTC is to bring innovation to the marketplace for the benefit of society and the university.


We serve the KU faculty at all campuses, in support of their research, and guide them by protecting intellectual property, and helping them launch businesses if that is their desire. We are custodians of the trust bestowed on KU by corporate partners, foundation and institutional grants, and the government that supports our endeavors.

  • To always act in the best interest of our stakeholders.
  • To make the process of partnering with KU easy, enjoyable, and profitable.
  • To be fair, honest and straightforward at all times.
  • To streamline and continuously improve processes to best serve our faculty, corporate partners and entrepreneurs.
  • To not let ego hinder progress, we will accept good ideas from wherever they hail.
  • To hold ourselves to the highest of standards. How we treat faculty, corporate and foundation partners, and government agencies reflects directly on our university.



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