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Through the Sustainable Heartland Accelerator Regional Partnership (SHARP), BBC Entrepreneurial Training Consulting (BBCetc) and KU, in collaboration with the five-state Midwest IDeA region (KS, OK, NE, ND, SD), is establishing a technology transfer accelerator hub in Kansas City. The SHARPhub will provide a host of resources, including coaching, partnership opportunities and business development activities, all focused on helping your technology reach the marketplace to make a difference.


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Helping put life science innovation on the fast path to market.

SHARPhub is designed to help life sciences innovators accelerate transfer to the commercial market. The Sustainable Heartland Accelerator Regional Partnership Hub (SHARPhub) was created in 2018 to fast-track early stage technologies from the central IDeA states – Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Dakota and South Dakota. The program was designed to stimulate entrepreneurship, management, small business finance, and other skills to transition discoveries and technologies from the lab into commercial products that address human health and grow the regional economy.


SHARPhub offers training, mentoring, coaching and networking opportunities to every interested university and life science entrepreneur in our five-state region. More intensive assistance can be accessed by SHARPhub cohort companies.


SHARPhub is an initiative of the nationally-recognized BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting (BBCetc) team, who facilitate access to important non-dilutive early stage capital, including SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) and STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) funding opportunities.

What SHARPhub accomplished in its first 18 months


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