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Licensing Process and Guidelines:

  • Invention Disclosure Form
  • Transfer and Request Research Materials
  • Tech Transfer Process
    • Research
    • Pre-disclosure
    • Invention disclosure
    • Assessment
    • Protection
    • Marketing
    • Licensing
    • Commercialization
    • Revenue
  • Tech Transfer Guidelines
    • Licensing revenue should support education, research, and the public benefit of the University’s mission
    • Meet any third party obligations
    • The licensee should be capable of bringing the innovation to the marketplace
    • The agreement should include terms that support the timely development and deployment of the innovation.
    • The university should receive fair consideration commensurate with the granting of the rights.
    • The agreement should support the academic principles of the university.
    • Licensing activity should only be carried out by authorized university personnel.
    • The license agreement should comply with accepted legal practices.
    • Decisions should be made based upon institutional academic and business considerations – not personal financial gain.
    • Licenses should support the objectives, practices and principles of the university.

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