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Funding: Passion Doesn’t Keep The Lights On

It has been said that investors invest in people, not ideas.

While that’s true, the second part of the sentence is often forgotten. Investors invest in people…with plans.

Whether you’re looking for angel investors, venture capital, or traditional loans, we can show you how to present your business plan – capital requirements, cash flow projections and market potential.

Seasoned investors aren’t gamblers; they like to back companies with a plan. We can work with you to help present your business in the best possible light.

Traditionally this has meant using personal funds, credit cards and contributions from friends and family. While this route can help an entrepreneur retain his or her equity, often these funds run out as businesses are undercapitalized.

Angel Investors
These early investors are often not just a great source of funding, but also of mentorship as they tend to have deep expertise in certain areas. It’s a benefit to both the investor and entrepreneur when this ‘smart money’ is involved.

Venture Capital
When a new venture needs more than a couple of million dollars, venture capitalists are often the best source. While VC firms generally require considerable equity, their expertise and deep pockets can bring the necessary momentum for many companies to make it to the next level.

Funds are available from either government (federal or state) grants and/or foundations. Government entities want jobs and foundations eagerly invest in ventures whose outcomes can positively impact their missions.

Click here for a database of government grant programs.

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