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Biotech Startup School @ KU - 2018


The Agenda for the event is available for download.


Session Information:

Previous Sessions:

Session 1
Validating the Commercial Potential of your Research – Part 1
Lisa Stehno-Bittel, PhD &
Lisa Friis, PhD
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Session 2
Validating The Commercial Potential Of Your Research
Dr. Wally Meyer​
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The recording for Session 2 is unavailable.
Handouts from the session are available

Session 3
Regulatory Issues and Reimbursement​
Dr. Scott Weir ​
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Michael Day
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The recording for session 3 is unavailable

Session 4
Protecting Intellectual Property & Managing Conflict

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Session 5
Funding Startup Companies
Dr. Cory Berkland

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Session 6
Regional Resources to Help Launch Companies

Joni Cobb – Pipeline Entrepreneurs 
Rajiv Kulkarni – KU Innovation & Collaboration 
Jeff Shackelford – KC Sourcelink and Digital Sandbox 
Lisa Friis – Projects for Bioengineering Commercialization Courses at KU
Wally Meyer – KU Center for Entrepreneurship 
GR Underwood – Bioscience & Technology Business Center 

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