Budget and Justification

Budget expenditures encumbered before the award date will not be reimbursed.

Student Wages. Student stipends are allowed; however funding for student tuition or tuition scholarships (waivers) are not permitted. The role and/or task of any personnel on the project should be defined in the justification. This explanation is particularly true for the graduate students employed on the project.

Other salaries. Faculty members (including visiting faculty) are not eligible for salary support. Salaries for office/administrative staff are not allowed.

Equipment or fabrication costs. In cases where reduction to practice requires a one-time cost to fabricate or produce a working prototype, the investigator should specifically indicate fabrication costs, location of the facilities where the fabrication will occur, and time required to produce the working prototype.

Travel. Any travel funds must be thoroughly justified as essential to the project. Travel funds may not exceed $2,000 unless deemed essential to the development of the product.

Other. All other budget line items must directly impact the success of the project and need to be thoroughly justified; budget support must be tightly focused on driving innovations and inventions into the commercial marketplace. Subcontracting to a company to develop a prototype will be considered if there is strong justification. Responsible budgeting is a criterion for award selection.

Matching Funds. Industry matching funds are encouraged and may be considered in project evaluation and award.

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