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Request an NDA draft or NDA review

If you would like to share your novel ideas with others, without losing patent rights and before a patent is filed, we can help draft and execute a nondisclosure agreement. Conversely, if an outside company or institution requests that you to sign a NDA, you should contact us and let us review the document.

For more information concerning NDAs, or to request assistance in negotiating an NDA, please email indcontracts@ku.edu.

Types of NDAs

  • Unilateral
    • This is a one-way agreement where one party wants to disclose information to another party but demands that the information remain secret, and that the receiving party does not take or use the disclosed information without consent.
  • Bilateral or Mutual
    • In this agreement, both parties supply information that is intended to remain secret. These agreements are particularly common when institutions are considering a joint venture or merger.

IP Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can University personnel sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) on behalf of the University?
No. Only University personnel who have a letter from the Chancellor’s office delegating signature authority may sign NDAs or CDAs on behalf of the University. University personnel may sign NDAs indicating that they understand and acknowledge their obligations under the NDA, but the agreement is not binding until an authorized signatory has signed on behalf of KU or KUMC.
Is a Confidentiality Agreement the same as a Non-Disclosure Agreement?
Yes. These types of agreements have many different names – Non-disclosure, Confidentiality, Proprietary Information Agreement, etc. They all serve the same purpose: to guard against the disclosure of confidential or proprietary information of one or both of the parties.
How long does it take to negotiate an NDA?
KUCTC is committed to getting the NDA in place as quickly as possible. And we will keep University personnel updated on the status of the agreement. Usually, if the terms are acceptable or the other party agrees to use our NDA form, then the agreement can be signed by the University within a week. But, if the NDA contains terms and conditions that are not acceptable, negotiation must occur. Then the turn-around time varies greatly and is dependent upon response time from the other party as well as their willingness to negotiate on the terms. Negotiated NDAs can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a month to work out.
Can I help speed up the NDA process?
Yes. Please complete the NDA Request Form and provide all of the requested information so we can initiate the process immediately. If negotiation is needed and the other party is not responding, we may ask you to reach out to your technical/scientific counterpart for assistance. Together, we can get the NDA completed as soon as possible so you can continue your collaboration.

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