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Startup School @ KU 
In collaboration with the KU Center for Entrepreneurship, KUCTC offers a special training program for aspiring faculty and student entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start a company. Startup School @ KU’s six two-hour sessions teach startup fundamentals as well as how to generate new ideas from your current research, validate the market appeal of your technology, and raise funds to support technology development. The program’s goal is to accelerate the startup process and increase entrepreneurs’ chance of success. More information and dates refer to the KUCTC website - Startup School@KU.

Jumpstart Your New Business – Swift Startup License
To promote innovation and entrepreneurship, KUCTC offers a simple, ready-to-use license agreement for startup companies that are using KU’s patented intellectual property. Attractive to prospective investors, the Swift Startup License agreement streamlines the negotiation process, reduces upfront legal costs, and allows startups to invest time and effort in developing KU technology. More information on eligibility and terms refer to the KUCTC website - Swift Startup License.


Affliate Status for Scientists employed at KU Startups at BTBC
Adjunct research appointments are reserved for faculty members at other institutions or area professionals such as engineers or scientists who have ongoing collaborative research relationships with KU faculty, or key scientific research leaders of qualifying start-up companies leasing space at KU’s Bioscience and Technology Business Center (BTBC). Normally they are collaborating on a specific sponsored research project for which a KU faculty or staff member is the Principal Investigator. However, an adjunct research appointment may be appropriate even in the absence of external funding when a specific, well-defined collaborative project is undertaken. The scientific leaders of KU startup companies leasing space in BTBC can apply for affiliate status is they meet certain requirements. Click here to view the policy and receive more information.


The KUCE was created to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among KU students and faculty. Housed in the School of Business servicing all KU students, the center focuses on education, research, and outreach programs to provide experiential learning opportunities through education courses, concentrations and certificates offered for both business and non-business students. Activities also provide unique experiential learning opportunities for student teams who provide both KU faculty entrepreneurs and regional organizations with venture plans and consulting solutions to address their challenges. These programs are funded from a grant provided by the Economic Development Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce establishing a University Center at KU with matching funds being provided by KU alumni. KU is one of only 40 universities in the country to receive this type of grant.



If you’re ready to build your business in Kansas, business and community development assistance programs can help. Business and community development assistance staff can assist entrepreneurs in identifying programs and incentives to help start, strengthen, and grow their businesses.


Community Development Block Grant Program
Kansas Downtown Redevelopment Act
Kansas PRIDE
Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ)
Capital Loan Programs

  * Startup Kansas Loan
  * E-Community Partnership
  * Women and Minority Business Multiplier Loan
  * Kansas Capital Multiplier Loan
  * www.networkkansas.com/capital


NetWork Kansas 
Kansas Small Business Development Center
Lawrence Metro E-Community

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