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Cannula for External Drainage of Subretinal Fluid

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A handheld surgical device that will allow safe, complete and controlled removal of subretinal fluid during retinal detachment repair surgery.


This device is for use in ophthalmic surgery.  This device provides an external way to remove fluid from under the retina.  This improves the quality of surgical repair during retinal detachment.  


Retinal detachment repair surgery.

How it works: 

The dual cannula retractable system with unique tips provides a way for the user to remove subretinal fluid externally.  The novel design of the device provides access to the back of the eye externally and a tip to penetrate the sclera and provide access to the subretinal fluid to the inner sleeve.


Present technologies are scleral cut down and needle drainage for removal of subretinal fluid.

Why it is better: 

Other cannula devices for subretinal fluid removal take an internal (intraocular) approach.  This invention removes fluid externally (extraocular).

Licensing Associate: 
Aswini Betha, PhD · abetha@ku.edu · 785-864-1775

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