Drone Safety Improvements: Inspired By Nature

The popularity of Unmanned Aircraft systems (UAS), also known as UAVs or drones, has increased substantially.  In addition to how the drones are being utilizing, there is a growing concern for how they will be piloted safely.   An emphasis on the importance of training and the accuracy of the data the pilots receive from the on-board instruments will help make drones safer and improve the efficiency in how they are used.   

Efficient Heat Exchange Systems for Sustainable Labs

Sustainability is becoming a standard feature of modern architecture and design. You might already be familiar with home and office design solutions that make efficient use of resources. Sustainable laboratory design, however, has the potential to make a much larger impact than other building applications. In fact, conventional laboratories may use over 5 times as much energy per square foot as an office building and a similarly disproportionate amount of water.

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